Astro the Hero

So as most of you know, I have been struggling with Astro and his wild desire to be free and roam the yard…. calling at the top of his lungs during the wee hours of the morning and late into the evening.  I have to chase or coax him into the flight cage and some nights I can’t do it, so then I see him wobbling up on a high tree branch or perched on the cross bar of the tall telephone pole above my grandmother’s house.

Well after spending most of the day today crying for his lady-friend and disturbing both grandma and our friendly neighbors, I decided to up my game a bit and I walked down to the side garden where they were chillaxing and started to leave a trail of wonderfully stale sun chips.  To my wonderful surprise both Astro and Trixie followed me RIGHT into the flight cage!!  I locked the door and went up to the house to relax for a bit knowing that finally they were locked up safe and sound.  No coyote will bother them and they are in the center of the property so no matter how much noise he tries to make, he shouldnt be able to bother any of the neighboring ears. Continue reading

Escape Piggy

Well this morning I asked my son to feed Geezer and give him some fresh water while I helped prepare the girls for a birthday party we had to go to.  He eagerly took the job and ran down to Geezer’s kennel.  He came up whisteling to himself and walking just a bit taller being proud he accomplished his very own job on the farm.

The day went on. We actually ended up going from one party to a second later that afternoon, then finally came home as the sun was setting… just in time to put Astro and Trixie away and give the animals their evening snack.

To my surprise I found Geezer locked in Astro and Trixie’s cage. He had dumped their water out and pushed their nesting box around.  He saw me as I walked around the corner and snorted excitedly at me saying, “let me out!!”   Continue reading

Babies on the Way!

peacock eggs

Well, it looks as though Not only Maxine may be expecting babies soon, but Astro and Trixie as well!  We have three eggs and are getting one more every other day. I have read that she will continue to lay until she reaches 5-7 and then she will set on them. 21 days or so later cute fluffy little pea-chicks are born  hatched! I have been debating weather or not to let Trixie hatch them out herself (that of course is reliant upon her actually begining to set on the nest here in the next few days) OR stick the slightly large eggs underneath my broody Rhode Island Red hen that has been camped out in the nesting box of the chicken coop for the last week. She’s been working so hard sitting on her eggs, but with no rooster around her poor little heart will be broken when she finally realizes no cute little babies will be comin gout.   I haven’t decided yet what the final decision will be, but for now the eggs remain in the box with Astro and Trixie. Continue reading