I am guilty. I throw zucchini and squash into everything! ! The kids don’t seem to mind it that much anymore but my brother and Mr. Ranaldi like to complain occasionally.  I have yet to be deterred…so I did it again; I snuck some veggies into the dinner. Heck I made dinner almost 100% out of Veggies haha.
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Farm Fresh Meal in a Basket for Christmas!

$50 Farm Fresh meal in a basket for your family and friends!!

Unbelievable value!!!

Dry pasta, homemade kale pesto, fresh baked french bread, balsamic oil dipping sauce, delicious cookies, and a gift certificate for fresh produce to put together a fresh garden salad.

Its Zucchini Time!!

This is a post I wrote for San Diego Bargain Mama who provides a wonderfully resourceful website for local busy moms to find great deals and current events!  She is an amazing mother herself and knows the busy busy life us mom’s lead.  She knows first hand the kind of information we are looking for and the deals we want and does a GREAT job of keeping her site up and running with exciting and new information!  PLEASE take a moment to check it out.

It is zucchini time folks!!

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