Guess the Due Date!!

Okay let’s do something fun while I am waiting anxiously for Maxine to deliver I thought it would be fun to do a poll….


According to my dates she should be DUE anytime between now and July 1st.  Let’s hear your guess….The date AND for a little extra kick, how many babies you think she’s got in there!

If you win I’ll even throw in. A special prize!!!! Ready. …Go!!!

New Digs for Everyone!

So we have been rearranging things here on the farm… and we aren’t done yet!  First, Maxine took a fun little trip over to her boy-pal Jason and will stay for a few weeks. He’s a big ole’ buck who knows how to get things done.  Let’s just hope Maxine can get her lady parts ready and willing to grow some healthy spring babies. Let me also tell you that this was not her first trip in my SUV… however, this was the first time I loaded her up and had to worry about her climbing over the back seat onto my 3 year old daughters head.  Every other time the kids were all in school, but this time we had to get it done so the kiddo came along for the ride.

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