A Work in Progres…

Hey guys and gals,

I apologize for the website being a bit quiet and slow lately. The farm has been anything BUT.  We have been skittering around here and there, trying to get SPring crops planted, animals moved around, cages and pens deep cleaned, fences and structures fixed… basically,  we I have been busy.

I apologize.

My goal was to post regularly on the website, wether we were selling products currently or not.  My goal was to get a newsletter up and *published* at least once a month AND to have at least one farm ‘event’ by now.  Unfortunately none of those things have happened…. yet. 

Between regular farm duties, new animals, busy LIFE activities with three kids, colds and allergies hitting each of us pretty hard more than once and a few holidays/birthdays thrown in there just to keep us moving… I have struggled to sit down and really commit to those goals I promised to make a priority not so long ago.

Here’s to a new day, a new week, a new month, a new Season.

I’ll be checking back in with you soon!

Today on the Farm

Just A Simple Day on the Farm:

Well today we let Geezer out and discussed letting him move in with Maxine.  He loves the dirt and enjoys hanging out with farm animals like he is one of the gang…he is a pig after all. So today he is a happy pig wandering around the farm munching on the happy weeds coming up after the rain and itching his belly on tree stumps…but he IS locked out of the garden.  NO Sir I will not allow you to eat the whole vegetable garden like I know you want to…

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Construction took SO much out of me!  I believe I have said it before and Ill say it again: I am not a patient person.

Waiting around for things to be delivered or built was incredibly stressful for me… but we got through it in one piece!! Continue reading

Under Construction!

I dont know what it’s like to have to be living in your home while it is getting remodeled, but after this experience I am pretty certain I will not like it.

For the last week or so our garden has been torn apart and destroyed.  Blood, sweat and tears have gone into that garden, as measly as it was… I was proud of it.  Even when you know the destruction is temporary and the bigger plan (if successful) will be amazing, beautiful and fulfil the legacy I am trying to live out… I still cried when we couldn’t save the big Loquat tree. I cried when the bluejays and gold finches fluttered frantically around wondering where their favorite boxwood bushes were going.  I cried when I had no where to transplant my 2 month old baby corn plants when we had to pull up the garden box… and they were fed to the animals.  I cried when they were done working that first day and everything was empty… completely empty and I suddenly lost my vision that had been so vibrant and inspiring.  What had I done?

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