Spice up Your Kitchen: Gowing Your Own Herbs

herb container

Spice up Your Kitchen: Grow Your Own Herbs Indoors NOW! If you love to cook, than I am sure you love to use fresh herbs whenever possible.  I know I do.  Here are some tips of the trade when it … Continue reading 

Lemon Rosemary Spaghetti Squash

SO, my dad came down and dropped off a giant spahetti squash the other weekend from his garden and I needed to cook it, but the last time I tried sneaking some of my spaghetti squash into a spaghetti casserole with maranara sauce and mozarella cheese for the kids… they noticed. And it did not go over well.  Seeing as we are diving into the wonderful world of urban farming and gardening, these kids better shape up and start eating more veggies from our garden!

Anyway, when my father gave me this large spaghetti squash I did not want it to go to waste so I decided to make something I knew the kids wouldn’t want to touch!  But what?? My grandmother recommended using butter brown sugar and cinnamon and turning it into a dessert type of dish but I decided to go a different route…. Continue reading

Stuffed Pork Chops and Sauteed Green Beans

I over-shopped at Costco last week. Don’t even begin to judge me, we’ve all done it before…

So anyway, I’ve had a GIANT container of butternut squash in my fridge and a huge bag of green beans.  I have made pretty much everything with the squash including tossing some of it into my kids mac N cheese (which went surprisingly unnoticed!)  I sat here googling and trying to figure out something to do…

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Melon Jam… or is it Jelly

So the summer time is aproaching… that means it is time for MELONS!!!  Watermelons, Honeydew Melons, Muskmelons, Canary Melons, San Juan Melons,  even Cantelopes (poor thing didnt get to fit in namewise for some reason with his ‘melon’ siblings) ….  But sometimes the problem with melons are the fact that you get SO many, and sometimes they are very large.  If you are anything like me, you can only eat so much watermelon… in fact, I dont actually care for watermelon very much at all, butI do love so many others.  SO, I saught out a new way to use these wonderful summer melons and a good jam recipe came to mind…. or is it Jelly?!

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