Gluten Free Sweet Potato Muffins

Well this recipe was adapted from a Sweet Potato Dinner Roll recipe I played around with recently… It’s a great recipe for holiday dinners or just a simple side for some of your favorite fall meals.

Not only are they healthy and gluten free… they taste amazing!!

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Fall Family Portraits- NOW!

Who wants some SUPER cute Fall Farm Photos?
we hosted an adorable Easter Session a few months back and are now overjoyed to be able to host the Fall Farm photos. Come park your bum on a hay bale, drive an old chevy, hold a pumpkin, feed an apple to the pig, pet a pregnant goat and maybe sing to the peacocks…whatever you do, just be sure to SMILE for the Camera!!

Check out her work at BellaDiva Photography

Pumpkin Cookies

Okay so it’s about that time of year again… pumpkin pumpkin PUMPKIN!!!!

I love me some pumpkin!

I also love cookies… I dare say more so than cupcakes or ice cream…

SO here is one of my favorite recipes for a fall cookie that is to die for!

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