Thanksgiving Special!!


My kids are not big fans of the typical Thanksgiving Day menu, however I love cooking it all! Every Thanksgiving I go all out with no one to enjoy it with me… not even my husband likes Turkey, but he will atleast humor me for the sake of this very wonderful Holiday.  SO this year, I have decided for anyone not wanting to cook this THanksgiving but looking for a wonerful home cooked traditional meal, we are offering a FULL Package or Individual Orders for anything listed below: Continue reading

Its Zucchini Time!!

This is a post I wrote for San Diego Bargain Mama who provides a wonderfully resourceful website for local busy moms to find great deals and current events!  She is an amazing mother herself and knows the busy busy life us mom’s lead.  She knows first hand the kind of information we are looking for and the deals we want and does a GREAT job of keeping her site up and running with exciting and new information!  PLEASE take a moment to check it out.

It is zucchini time folks!!

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Check out a new article about Encinitas Food Swap!

Encinitas Food SwapThe following is a guest post by ME from SanDiegoBargainMama check it out!

My family is what I call a genetic European mutt. We don’t have any cultural traditions or amazing recipes that have been carefully handed down through generations; you know – those that contain wonderful flavors and secret additions that come from such rich family heritage laced with a strong cultural background!  Every so often I come across someone with such heavily-influenced cooking traditions, that I am in awe and inspired to experiment with flavors and spices like they used. I met such a vibrant and enthusiastically inspiring person recently who was hosting  a wonderful local event called a “Food Swap “.

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Stuffed Pork Chops and Sauteed Green Beans

I over-shopped at Costco last week. Don’t even begin to judge me, we’ve all done it before…

So anyway, I’ve had a GIANT container of butternut squash in my fridge and a huge bag of green beans.  I have made pretty much everything with the squash including tossing some of it into my kids mac N cheese (which went surprisingly unnoticed!)  I sat here googling and trying to figure out something to do…

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Melon Jam… or is it Jelly

So the summer time is aproaching… that means it is time for MELONS!!!  Watermelons, Honeydew Melons, Muskmelons, Canary Melons, San Juan Melons,  even Cantelopes (poor thing didnt get to fit in namewise for some reason with his ‘melon’ siblings) ….  But sometimes the problem with melons are the fact that you get SO many, and sometimes they are very large.  If you are anything like me, you can only eat so much watermelon… in fact, I dont actually care for watermelon very much at all, butI do love so many others.  SO, I saught out a new way to use these wonderful summer melons and a good jam recipe came to mind…. or is it Jelly?!

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