Creative Containers to Get Your Garden Growing!

herb container 2“The following is a guest post by Rabecca Ranaldi of!

Spring is in full swing and summer is almost here! Birds are singing in the garden and happily picking apart my sunflowers.  Bees are fat with pollen, happily buzzing from blossom to blossom.  Summer is quickly approaching, so let’s get in gear and start discussing containers so you can get your garden growing just in time for the cucumbers and watermelons to abundantly flow!

Surprisingly enough you can grow in almost any container!  Typically when a gardener thinks of growing in a container we think of pots.  I recommend choosing bright colored pots to add some pizzazz and personality to your garden area. Remember that light-colored pots tend to keep the soil cooler than dark-colored pots.  Try hanging pots for blooming flowers, tomatoes or strawberries.”

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Creative Containers to Get Your Garden Growing!.

Babies on the Way!

peacock eggs

Well, it looks as though Not only Maxine may be expecting babies soon, but Astro and Trixie as well!  We have three eggs and are getting one more every other day. I have read that she will continue to lay until she reaches 5-7 and then she will set on them. 21 days or so later cute fluffy little pea-chicks are born  hatched! I have been debating weather or not to let Trixie hatch them out herself (that of course is reliant upon her actually begining to set on the nest here in the next few days) OR stick the slightly large eggs underneath my broody Rhode Island Red hen that has been camped out in the nesting box of the chicken coop for the last week. She’s been working so hard sitting on her eggs, but with no rooster around her poor little heart will be broken when she finally realizes no cute little babies will be comin gout.   I haven’t decided yet what the final decision will be, but for now the eggs remain in the box with Astro and Trixie. Continue reading