Guess the Due Date!!

Okay let’s do something fun while I am waiting anxiously for Maxine to deliver I thought it would be fun to do a poll….


According to my dates she should be DUE anytime between now and July 1st.  Let’s hear your guess….The date AND for a little extra kick, how many babies you think she’s got in there!

If you win I’ll even throw in. A special prize!!!! Ready. …Go!!!

We Survived the Fires

Well folks, its fire season in May.

That thought alone, is really scary.  But let’s also add in the fact that I have three young children who are easily spooked by smoke and flame (what child isn’t?), then the fact that my husband was working out of town again which meant all the packing, loading of animals and other preparations for the possible evacuation would be left up to me and me alone. Oh, and can’t forget Great Grandma down in the main house who is legally blind and doesn’t exactly move quickly…  Let’s just sayI was holding my breath for about three whole days while these May Fires flew in circles around our little farm.  Praise God, we came out of it unscathed and for the better. I learned A LOT about my “Evacuation Plan” or lack thereof and plan to make a lot of changes in the next few months because from everything I’ve read, this is just the begining….

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