Time to Plant!

Sorry we have been a bit MIA here on the website, I assure you it isnt for lack of exciting things happening around here, in fact it’s quite the opposite.  We have had a lot going on and sitting down in front of the computer just has not been my first priority. I hope I’m sure you will understand.

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Spice up Your Kitchen: Gowing Your Own Herbs

herb container

Spice up Your Kitchen: Grow Your Own Herbs Indoors NOW! If you love to cook, than I am sure you love to use fresh herbs whenever possible.  I know I do.  Here are some tips of the trade when it … Continue reading 

Farm-to- Feast: A Rustic Thanksgiving!

First and Foremost…. The Turkey!

We like to use our old clay smoker my grandfather bought in Japan. I have Many many many fond memories of Thanksgiving day, side by side with my grandfather checking and basting the turkey all day long.  The smell that fills the air as it slowly cooks for hours and hours…. ugh it’s amazing! I can’t wait!

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Fall Family Portraits- NOW!

Who wants some SUPER cute Fall Farm Photos?
we hosted an adorable Easter Session a few months back and are now overjoyed to be able to host the Fall Farm photos. Come park your bum on a hay bale, drive an old chevy, hold a pumpkin, feed an apple to the pig, pet a pregnant goat and maybe sing to the peacocks…whatever you do, just be sure to SMILE for the Camera!!

Check out her work at BellaDiva Photography